Salt Caramel Cookies

Salt Caramel Cookies

I this idea to make millionaires shortbread (or as I normally know it, caramel slice) which is a favourite snack of mine. But I didn’t just want to make a slice, mostly because I didn’t have the use of an appropiate tray to bake it in. So instead I made something up.

I think they turned out pretty good in the end.

It is essentially shortbread biscuits, topped with a ball of chilled salt caramel and then covered with milk chocolate to seal the caramel in against the shortbread.

mmm.. chocolate enrobing

The basis of the recipe comes from Matt Tebbutt, whom I saw on Market Kitchen on the UK Good Food network. The recipe can be seen here: Salted caramel millionaire’s shortbread for baking in its ‘slice’ form.

As to why adding caramel and chocolate turns regular shortbread into millionaire’s shortbread still puzzles me. Do millionaires frequent coat things in caramel and chocolate for consumption? I suppose if I had the excess cash I might consider it…

If you read the recipe you can see its not a great stretch of the imagination to apply it to making cookies instead. Its just that you chill the caramel so its form-able into a blob and then put the chocolate on. I didn’t add butter to my chocolate because I didn’t see the point in making something already unhealthy even more so, and not for the purpose in which I was using it. I also went without the peanuts as I didn’t have any, and to be honest, I don’t care.

The caramel did have a tendency to leak rather profusely. I would say act fast and try get the chocolate to set as quickly as you can to prevent the caramel making a get away whilst the chocolate is still melty enough to allow it.  Plus it makes the tops look like some odd chocolate inventive with open sores oozing caramel. Both delicious and disturbing imagery there…

millionaires in the making

Fantastic cookies.

One thing left, the caramel; I wasn’t able to use it all as for some reason it had formed a giant hard lump in it middle. My partner leaped onto that like a tiger to prey!

It must have happened when stirring the cool cream into the warm toffee… Nevertheless, it was well received as an added bonus. If there is anything that justifies the millionaire status, it was this gold nugget and the very satisfied look on faces.

salt caramel nugget of deliciousness


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