Choc-chip Cookies

A classic recipe. Everyone probably has their own take on these but this is mine.

I’ve been making my choc-chip cookies to this recipe since I can remember, maybe since I was 10 years old. (yeah, starting a personal recipe collection early!)

Choc-Chip Cookies

Even though the recipe can make around 40 – 45 cookies, when I made these as a kid they never made it past a day. They do better now that it’s just my wife and I but they’re still known, as they were when I was little, as choc-crack cookies. I even know what that means now.

They’ve never let me down!

Do I post the recipe now? I’m writing this on a train…
Well I don’t have the recipe on me now so I can’t say the quantities but there is:

  • castor sugar
  • brown sugar
  • butter
  • vanilla
  • egg
  • flour
  • walnut
  • chocolate chips

Important note, I hate walnuts. I did then and still do but I always put them in. I’ve made these without and they’re fine, but that’s the problem. They’re fine without but incredible with them in. I just chop them really fine (but not into powder) so they aren’t noticeable and I don’t get a chunk of one. But they do go in as whatever it is they add to the flavour is what takes these from choc-chip to choc-crack.


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