Meringue fun

Long time, no write…
It’s been a while since I wrote something here and that really comes down to the fact its been an equally long time since I baked any goods. My doctor thinks I need to get back into my hobbies as a way to aid in kick starting me out of my depression. So I did.

I’ve chosen something simple and creative and a wholly original idea. Actually I don’t know if it totally original as someone else may have done it before me but it is original to me in that I personally haven’t seen it done elsewhere.

“Sweet Eggs”


The idea was simple for these, using white meringue as the egg white and a custard for the yolk. I really just wanted to eat vanilla meringue with vanilla custard because the idea in my head sounded delicious. Composing them this way seemed the best excuse. As you can see I think it really worked. So I’ve called it “Sweet Eggs” as they look like poached eggs but with way more sugar.

The meringue is as you would expect, basic meringue with three egg whites, half a vanilla pod and sugar. I wasn’t sure how to make them into the egg white whilst leaving a hollow for the yolk to come later. I’ve never made meringue before so the medium was totally new to me. I tried to pipe them into a loose swirl for the first few which kinda workers but I found it really had to build in a proper lip on the sides. They looked fine but were nearly completely flat leaving no hollow for the later custard yolk. Finally I settled with just dropping dollops and using the back of a spoon to make a suitable hollow, this worked very well.

The custard is an ordinary pastry custard with three egg yolks ( which was awesome because I had three handy from making the meringues) cornflour, flour, milk and the other half of the vanilla pod. When the custard was cool I spooned it into the hollows of the cooled meringues. The custard being thick it was practically impossible to get a smooth looking yolk effect but I can live with it. Next time I will see if I can use the custard a bit warmer and hope it doesn’t damage the meringue so it’s still a bit more fluid to smooth out.

They tasted awesome regardless of if you think they look right in the above picture.

Next time I will try take pictures along the way like I see other foodie blogs do.
Until then, happy eating.


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