Cupcakes are a bit of a weakness of mine. I’m not a huge fan of cake as I often find it too dry and the icing:cake ratio not satisfying enough to make up for it. Cupcakes, with a much better 1:3 icing:cake ratio, are a perfect solution. Like a slice of cake but its it own world of deliciousness.

The problem comes when I’m offered a big selection like in the image to the left. Because cupcakes are made individually you can offer a much greater selection. Even if the only variation is in the icing, it makes a big difference.

Cupcakes are supposedly coming back into vogue these days. I was told by a friend at the Food Network that food is becoming the new pornography. I can understand that statement. Cupcakes are the new way of expressing skills in taste and presentation, its classy porn, and a great secret indulgence.

I don’t cook a lot in the way of cakes myself, preferring to cook more than to bake. But this trend cannot be ignored and I love the attention to detail I can give each individual serve. A skill here is to be learnt! My partner is very good at cake decorating so I have a decent teacher, and we both have a sweet tooth that multiple experimenting will satisfy. I have high hopes for some great creations to make their way here.


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