MasterChef Live


One of the highlights that stood out from the food sampled at MasterChef Live were the dishes from Smiths Of Smithfield.

Here you can see the “Chocolate Pot, Marshmallow Cream and Honeycombe”. It was amazing, the chocolate was so smooth it was like eating the insides from a Lindt chocolate but less of a goo. It was a very silken experience. The marshmallow cream on top lessened the chocolate smack just nicely and the honeycombe provided perfect texture to accompany the full spoon.

In the background you can see me getting into some “Slow Roast Pork Belly, Green sauce

and Mash”. I was initially worried about how to tackle this dish with the flimsy plastic cutlery provided but I shouldn’t have as the meat was so tender and juicy I could gently pull it apart into nice mouthfuls. It went great with the green herb sauce of parsley and basil, with just a turn of vinegar to it to make it excite the tongue. Most awesomely with this dish was the free recipe card that came with it. I will definitely be making the green sauce myself at for some grilled chicken and will probably twist it with some mint as I think it would be brilliant on some  lamb cutlets as well.


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